• 17 dicembre 2018

    Call for Hosting Organizations

    1 Mobility Consortium, 15 Italian Universities, 3 Italian organizations , 179 traineeships for HEI staff and students, 33 cou ...

    05 febbraio 2018

    GET IN EUROPE Green Economy Traineeships in Europe

    SEND opens the call for candidates to select participants in the "GET IN EUROPE Green Economy Traineeships in Europe" project ...

    09 gennaio 2018
    Partner Search ERASMUS + 2018 CALL

    Incoming program in Palermo

    SEND is looking for ANY EUROPEAN organisation willing to cooperate within international mobility programs Under ERASMUS + K1 ...

    08 novembre 2017
    PERCORSI project

    'Paths for training, work and integration of young migrants'

    Implementing socio-employment integrated pathways targeted at foreign unaccompanied minors, including holders or applicants f ...

  • 26 aprile 2017
    NEW call for #HostOrganizations

    Universities for EU Project

    We are glad to announce the opening of a new call for Host Organizations, within the project â??UniversitiesforEUProjectsâ?�. ...

    31 marzo 2017

    Making it easier to move and work/recruit European citizens aged 35+

    Reactivate is an intra-EU job mobility scheme for jobseekers over 35 years of age. It helps EU citizens find work, apprentice ...

    15 marzo 2017

    Sharing with us our meeting room

    In the main city center of Palermo, a shared work space to organize working meetings, workshops and public presentations.

    23 febbraio 2017


    Deadline: March 3 2017

  • 27 settembre 2016
    SEND Job agency and international mobility centre

    Guidance - Recruitment - Job Matching

    SEND is a job Agency and international mobility centre providing employment services in Italy and Europe

    02 agosto 2016
    The uncertain guarantee!

    Youth Guarantee in Sicily: on line SEND's report

    A view on the management of the Active labour market policies in Sicily: SEND has produced its report on the first year of Yo ...

    03 luglio 2016


    Harraga, in Arabic is the one who is willing to do anything to migrate. More and more children and teenagers land on our shor ...

    04 aprile 2016
    Public Conference


    April 8 2016

  • 18 marzo 2016
    Granted internships abroad with Youth Guarantee

    Over 400 participants registered to the professional guidance path "My internship in Europe"

    Do you know that by joining Youth Guarantee you can carry out a paid traineeship abroad?

    20 maggio 2015
    SEND is in the Euroguidance National Network

    pubblication about guidance and transnational mobility

    From May 2015 SEND became part of the EUROGUIDANCE National Dissemination Network

    08 maggio 2015
    Think the future

    Intervention realised within F.A.RO.

    F.A.R.O. (Promote self-determination, relationships and service orientation) -�Favorire l�autodeterminazione, le re ...

    13 aprile 2015
    Call for selection

    Youth Guarantee

    Career counseling and career guidance

  • 11 aprile 2015

    Preparation to the program in Palermo

    IMPORTANT: Information about Palermo and the program, list of necessary documents and administrative steps before arrival

    04 febbraio 2015
    2014 international mobility

    100 Incoming programs realised in Palermo

    In 2014 SEND has developed more than 100 training programs within 15 mobility projects promoted by our European partners deve ...

    27 novembre 2014
    We are moving!

    New address: via Roma 194

    Today SEND has a new home!

    24 novembre 2014

    Seminars on job, differences and rights

    SEND in partnership with Articolo 3, Homosexual Association participate to the DJ - Divesity on the Job promoted by UNAR Equa ...

  • 24 novembre 2014
    The phone is broken

    The phone is broken

    Today, the phone of the office doesn't work!

    12 novembre 2014
    SEND is on facebook

    keep updated on our page

    news about mobility programs, training paths and more!

    19 settembre 2014
    TOSKA TOurism SKills Alliance

    Open the call for 22 mobility grants VETPRO Leonardo da Vinci - Mobility for Professionals in Vocational Education and Traini ...

    One week learning program abroad about issues related to European mobility in the field of culture tourism.

    16 giugno 2014
    REMOS Rete Europea per la Mobilita' degli Studenti

    LLP leonardo da Vinci IVT Mobility

    REMOS is a mobility project for students of VET schools in Palermo in the hospitality industry and electronics, electrical en ...

  • 27 maggio 2014
    FERMENTI Fostering EuRopean Mobility EfficieNcy in Tourism Industry

    LLP leonardo da Vinci IVT Mobility

    FERMENTI is a mobility project for students of VET schools in Palermo in the hospitality industry. Download documents at the ...

    18 marzo 2014
    Teachers training for competitive practice

    Leonardo da Vinci: VETRPO for VET teachers

    2 weeks program for Teachers at economic high school, teaching marketing, accounting, tourism, commerce, catering.

    18 marzo 2014
    TOSKA TOurism SKills Alliance

    LdV VETPRO Mobility

    The ever-growing unemployment crisis has further highlighted the need to create a connection between the world of education a ...

    13 novembre 2013
    Passport 2 & TASTE, new SEND calls for selection in mobility for placement

    We have published 56 new calls for Leonardo da Vinci mobility grants

    Calls for selection and application forms are at the bottom of the page. EXPIRY DATE: 30TH NOVEMBER, 2013

  • 12 novembre 2013
    141 new mobility grants abroad

    soon the calls for selection

    Send is going to manage 141 mobility grants under the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Program

    24 aprile 2013
    Mediterraneo anti-razzista 2013

    Who comes to play with us?

    SEND is arranging teams for the most anti-racist competition ever organised! We want to create one or more teams with those w ...

    19 marzo 2013

    Publication of the selected participant list


    15 febbraio 2013
    Language Traning with Work Placements

    LdV - Mobility- IVT

    From Kansàs (Norway) to study and work in Palermo

  • 15 febbraio 2013
    Passport for work- Mobilità - Leonardo da Vinci - Placement

    Publication of the selected participati list

    Download below the list of participants and read the Rules of selection

    07 febbraio 2013
    Passport for work

    Passport for work

    Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Placement

    15 gennaio 2013
    From the warehouses to the museum

    Presentation of the catalogue on January 17 at 17:30, at Ajutamicristo Palace

    Thursday, January 17th at 17:30 at Palazzo Ajutamicristo Via Garibaldi 23 the catalogue "from the warehouses at the museum: t ...

    04 gennaio 2013
    Lifelong Learning 2013

    Invitation to collaborate in mobility activities and multilateral projects

    SEND is looking for training centers, schools and SMEs to launch new project activities within the Lifelong Learning Program

  • 18 dicembre 2012
    With very best wishes

    With very best wishes from Elena, Loriana and Valentina

    With very best wishes from Elena, Loriana and Valentina

    06 novembre 2012
    FREE - FundRaising Experts in Europe

    Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Placement

    Send in cooperation with AMFI International promotes 40 mobility grants abroad

    29 ottobre 2012
    88 news mobility grants abroad

    soon the calls for selection

    Send is going to manage 88 mobility grants under the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Program

    27 settembre 2012
    WAFER FIRST STEP: Grundtvig seminar

    Program and preregistration

    Grundtvig in service training seminar

  • 18 luglio 2012
    Study conference

    Diagnostic techniques of the deterioration of stone materials and of monuments and artistic

    Organized in collaboration with ABADIR: The monastic community of San Martino delle Scale, following the centuries-old Benedi ...

    08 giugno 2012
    Wafer project will be granted!

    Waintg For Erasmus For All

    From 2014, all current EU programmes for education, training, youth and sport will be grouped in one programme: Erasmus for A ...

    20 aprile 2012
    Restoration between Germany and Sicily

    International training course in the restoration and protection of cultural heritage

    From 22 to 28 April 2012 Send organizes a training course in the field of restoration. Participants will be students of the c ...

    15 marzo 2012
    HERAS 2012

    Erasmus Placement

    From the Basque Country in Palermo to learn Italian and improve their own professional skills

  • 14 marzo 2012

    new Leonardo mobility grants in the field of tourism

    Development of skills to increase employability and employment in the tourism sector

    07 febbraio 2012
    Language Training with Work Placements

    Young Norwegian training

    From Rosenvilde (Norway) to study and work in Palermo

    02 dicembre 2011
    Equality in organizations and training processes

    Send takes part into the Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO Project for trainers in the field of equal opportunities

    (Exchange for trainers, responsible for programming and program management training and occupational guidance specialists), p ...

    11 novembre 2011
    ARCHE' Project

    Third Project Meeting

    Lepido Rocco - Motta di Livenza (Treviso - IT) November - 17/18 - 2011

  • 02 novembre 2011
    Quality Professionals in VET

    Contact Seminar

    Groningen, Olanda 2 - 5 novembre 2011