Making ideas take off through project preparation

Send, as facilitator and coordinator, supports the preparation of projects within calls for European founding, thanks to its expertise developed in using financial opportunities set by the European Union: the Horizontal Union Programmes and the Structural Funds.

An experienced group of work supports the preparation of applications and realisation of projects within the main areas of intervention of the Community and Regional policies: environment, culture, training and education, justice and freedom, entrepreneurship, integration, equal opportunities, social policies, occupation, research and technological innovation.

Send supports all the phases necessary to planning project:

  • Context analysis
  • Identification of needs and key actors
  • Development of the project idea
  • Finding calls
  • Elaboration of the budget
  • Partners search and consortia management
  • Study of the application form and submission
  • Translations
  • Monitoring
  • Administration management and reporting
  • Dissemination of project results
  • Evaluation