Cultivating skills thruogh training activities

Accredited by the Regione Sicilia a training centre, Send since 2005 develops courses, projects and researches within the educational and training field in a life long learning view.

Working in cooperation with school, universities and non-profit organisations, small and medium enterprises, public administrations, Send is involved, through its own activities, in several productive and service sectors, creating reciprocal connections between the local and the European contests.

Send realises:

  • Training courses and programs aiming at growing knowledge, competences and qualifications needed to live and work in Europe
  • Guidance and consultancy paths about issues linked to the world of work and on the possible work placements and jobs abroad. Send provides consultancy, through individual interviews and/or group meetings, addressing to students and young workers so to facilitate a conscious choice of individual study/training path as well as of professional requalification.
  • Researches, studies and analysis fostering development and innovation of the European vocational education and training. Send works to create networking among social and economic actors in order to develop practices, contents and methodologies enhancing the quality within vocational training systems and improving the capacity to respond to the labour market needs.
  • Training projects aiming at improving the quality of school teaching and learning, through the creation of partnerships among schools in Europe. Experimentation of teaching methodologies, elaboration of innovative didactical programs and materials as well as structuring mobility activities for initial and in-service training of teachers are some of the activities Send promotes.