04 febbraio 2015
2014 international mobility

100 Incoming programs realised in Palermo

In 2014 SEND has developed more than 100 training programs within 15 mobility projects promoted by our European partners developing placements, study and company visits, and seminars in more than 50 local private companies, NGO and secondary schools.

International Mobility In coming programs 2014


The professional areas in which European participants realised internships are:

 Hotel and hospitality: hotel, travel agency,tour operators, retail 

Art & design: magazine Design, creative design, drawing and illustrating production, brochures or advertisements, web design, interior design, photography/audio/video production, marketing and advertisement, art gallery/museum

Architecture: cultural heritage, protection and restoration - interior design - professional studios, public administrations - restorers laboratories

Food industry: confectionery, pastry, gastronomy, restaurants

Clothing and textile design: sewing, tailoring and dressmaking

Administration: Accounting, human resources, back office receptionist, Administration, Trade and management, marketing and advertisement, Facility management

Technology industry: electric plans Design, ABB Robots Programming - PLCs programming (Siemens, Omron), Industrial communication, maintenance and assembly technology, milling machines, lathes or scheduling programs for machining - Process Engineering

ICT: Computer assistant, java and games Development, maintenance, assembly 

Beauty & healthcare: Massage, hair removal (waxing), body treatments, hairdressing

Environment: Chemical Science, microbiological or chemical analysis

Social-care: Early Child Education, immigration activities 

Agriculture: farms and city gardens


 Initial Vocational Training projects

 10 students from Norway from 09/02/2014 to 02/03/2014

 4 students from Latvia from 24/03/14 to 19/05/14 (8 weeks program)

8 students from Latvia from 24/03/14 to 20/04/14 (4 weeks program)


PLM - people in the labour market

15 participants from Sweden:

1 participant from From 02/03/14 to 23/05/14 - 12 weeks program

1 participant from 24/03/14 to 23/05/14 9 weeks program

1 participant from 06/04/14 to 07/06/14 9 weeks program

11 participant from 13/04/14 to 23/05/14 6 weeks program

1 participant from 16/04/14 to 23/05/14 6 weeks program


4 participants from Estonia from 16/03/2014 to 11/04/2014 4 weeks program

2 participants from From 19 April to 31 May 2014 - 6 weeks program

3 participants from 07 May to 13 August 13 weeks program


Univeristy students ERASMUS placement 2014

22 participants from Spain - 12 weeks program

13 participants from 07/03/2014 to 30/05/2014

8 participants from 14/03/2014 to 06/06/2014

1 participant from 17/03/2014 to 09/06/2014


VETPRO: VET programs for experts and professionals

15 experts in the field of cultural heritage architecture and engineering

"Protection and Restoration of Historic Buildings” 2013-1-HR1-LEO03-03066 

From 16/02/14 to 22/02/14

2 weeks program for Teachers at economic high school, teaching marketing, accounting, tourism, commerce, catering "Teachers training for competitive practice"